Power and the Environment

The first unit of ENV 202 course in the fall of 2012 is focused on power and the environment.  We have read a wide range of materials that have illuminated how power operates through institutions, commodity, chains, public policy, and governance approaches, and enables human beings to have both positive and negative effects on the environment and each other.  Our first assignment was to write a 450-500 page blog post about the nature of power and how it is relevant to the environment, highlighting at least two of the readings we have covered so far.  The posts overall were very well-written, and demonstrated a deep and personal engagement with the material.  I’m providing links to several of the best discussions below for your reference — hope you find them interesting…

Cameron Clark: Documentaries: Persuasive or Manipulative?

Elizabeth Welliver: Power of the People

Katie Mathieson: Power and the Environment