Welcome to the website of Davidson College’s course on the Environmental Social Sciences (ENV 202)!

This site is a resource for current and prospective students, their friends and families, and anyone who is interested in learning more about social science approaches to environmental issues.  Feel free to browse through the information about the course as well as the student pages that are linked to the site.  In some years that the course has been offered, students posted blogs about the material covered in the course as part of the course requirements.  In other years, we have posted the final group presentations completed by student teams on specific environmental problems.  A key goal for both these posts and presentations is for students to connect the social science theory and concepts they have been learning in the class to real-world problems and issues.  Being able to make the link between theory and action is one of the key expected learning outcomes of the course.

Please enjoy your browsing — we hope you learn something new and interesting about social sciences and the environment during your visit with us!